Long before Kim was a twinkle in his eye, Robert Kardashian is alleged to have had a passionate fling with Priscilla.Author Ian Halperin claimed the young lawyer had already proposed to future wife Kris, but when she accepted a job as an air stewardess he had a fling with Priscilla and even rang Kris to ask her what to buy his new love for her birthday.She began to take lessons from instructor Mike Stone, who she met at one of her husband’s gigs, but they were soon having an affair.

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Here is a look back at the rocky road of Priscilla’s romances from the first and most famous of them all – her marriage to the King.

Priscilla became Rock n’Roll’s first lady when she wed the King in Las Vegas in 1967.

The couple lived together for 22 years, from 1986, and they had a son, Navarone, in 1987.

The pair never married because, as Priscilla explained: “We've both been married before and we both feel that a marriage contract doesn't make it any better or worse.

Priscilla allegedly loved Robert, but she told him that she wouldn’t remarry until Elvis would die.

PRISCILLA Presley’s romance with Tom Jones has hit the headlines, a year after the death of his wife Linda.

The pair had a seven-year relationship and lived together but in his book, Priscilla, Elvis and Me, he claimed the romance was haunted by the memory of her dead ex as well as his growing attraction to the teenage Lisa Marie. Priscilla fell for the Spanish singer, known as the Latin Elvis, in the early eighties when she was still with Mike.

In his autobiography, the lothario revealed he fell for her when she flew to Chile to appear on a show he was hosting.

Luckily for the future of reality TV, the affair fizzled out and Rob married Kris, mum to his three daughters, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, and son Rob.

Mike Edwards was a top model who met Priscilla in the wake of Elvis’s death, in 1977.

The book indicated that Robert practically dumped Kris, and he was the one who forced her to work as a flight attendant, so he could have time to see Priscilla.