However, despite that harrowing romance being a thing of the past, it was rather apparent that Raymond had been terribly scarred for life as he revealed that he still felt heart-wrenched upon thinking about it from time to time…This interview marks the first of five interviews revealing the inner world of Raymond Lam.

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However, all the men around me are simply normal friends’, seemingly drawing a line between her rumored boyfriend Raymond and herself.

PS: I seriously think Raymond needs a change of stylist. If you look only at the bottom half of his body, his 3/4 trousers sockless leather shoes skinny ankles looks like an old man’s lower body….

Despite all fans present shouting yes, Raymond calmly replies, ‘No’, hinting between his words that Linda’s not his cup of tea.

On the other hand, Linda Chung attended an activity in Hong Kong yesterday and expressed openly that her Mr Right has not appeared.

Dating meant that we would roam the streets, eat meals and catch a movie together.

In fact, I thought of it as being something like a set meal.Linda Chung attended to a milk box design contest in an elementary school.She didn't like to drink milk when she was little, so she was thin and short.Since Raymond has always been portrayed to be a swinging single and dreamboat to many of his fans, this revelation naturally left the clandestine romance to be doomed, leaving Raymond with hardly any choice but to heartlessly cut off all the romance ties with Mavis Pan.Heartbroken and crestfallen, Raymond tried to numb his pain by fully immersing himself into the endless pile of work, in hopes of recuperating emotionally and seeking consolation in his career life after tragically drowning in the sea of love.I still remembered that I was filming TVB ancient periodic drama, 《回到三國》, at that time and in order to forget the unhappy matters, I even tried to use work to numb myself.