I've been working on the Net for more than five years.

We were clearly breaking new ground with the service I proposed--teaching students about sensitive health concerns (and, of course, sex) via the Internet. I learned quickly about the technology and how to convey information through cyberspace in an interesting, honest, and fun way.

I answered health questions for three years in the name of Alice--questions as diverse as how long the average guy lasts in bed to how to handle an ingrown toenail.

Today I'm answering your sex and relationship questions on-line as [email protected] And the answers: If there's a person, place, or thing out there in the world, there's someone who gets turned on by it. You have a chance to find romance, revive your relationship, and explore fantasies in the relative safety and obscurity of cyberspace.

To date, I've posted more than 300 Q&As, and the answers are getting richer and more interesting every day. If you haven't spent much time surfing for sex information, you'll be quite surprised at the variety, depth, and breadth of what's available.

The Joy of Cybersex explores the art of the possible in terms of sex on the Net.

Each chapter contains a wealth of information: What you can do on-line to enhance your sex life.As Delilah at Thrive Partners, Inc., and formerly as Alice of the award-winning Go Ask Alice Web site at Columbia University, she's been answering questions about sex and relationships on the Net for years.A trained health educator and social worker, she has been hailed for her innovative use of the Internet to discuss sensitive topics.The listings are simply examples of the variety of sites you might find on the Internet, not necessarily the best or most accurate.Deb Levine, BSW, MA, is a nationally acclaimed online sex educator.Shame and embarrassment are removed from the equation--the playing field is level.