But without going on the actual dates for my daughter - an idea she has raised some objections to - how will she meet someone like this?

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SHOULD A woman go to singles parties where she is expected to paint her face, dress to the nines, and be treated as a piece of meat on display? Should she go speed-dating and have five minute rendezvous' with 10 men in one night? Speed-dating is one of the most puzzling relationship ideas to come along in years. How about fancy matchmakers whom you pay to do the searching for you?

Take a generation of commitment-phobic young people, who are already dating-addicts and love anorexics, and cater to their obsession for variety by having them date 10 people at once! Should young women go to bars with female friends and try and meet a guy? Do you want to marry a husband whose principal companion is a Michelob Lite? Truth be told, I was once a huge advocate of matchmaking.

We all believe in giving charity and we all believe in acts of loving-kindness.

Now, is there any higher act of kindness than curing someone else's loneliness? But I am suggesting that all of us take upon ourselves the obligation of increasing love in the world.

And we can invite two single friends to our homes for dinner in the hope that a casual introduction might just lead to something romantic and permanent.

If God could play matchmaker to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, surely we can follow suit in our own living rooms and dining rooms. “I WANT my daughter to find a young man of character, with strong values, who carries himself humbly, has force of personality, and whose first dream is to enrich the world around him and to love the woman by his side.Will it change the 40 million Americans whose marriages are utterly sexless? We can counsel our friends as their marriages disintegrate.And will it lessen the more than 80 million American women who live without a man? We can step in and encourage our friends to connect with their children when their offspring seem lost.Maybe that’s why I’m so afraid of the elderly.” Comic Sam Rubinoff said, “I watch a lot of crime dramas. ” David Weinbach riffed on the horrors of airplane travel. Fifty percent of the time, someone in a relationship murders them. Matchmaking once had an innocence to it and was directed at bringing two lonely souls together.