This is a long process that takes a lot of time to complete.

Pastor Boyd had been looking for an online platform to facilitate this assessment process as well as several others they built for other leadership roles like Elders, Community Group Leaders, Serve Team Leaders, etc.

And let them also be tested first; then let them serve as deacons if they prove themselves blameless.

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Pastor Boyd researched options, asked ministry colleagues inside the Acts29 Network, and worked with his staff to craft their Deacon Candidate Process (DCP).

The DCP is a 10-part process that accomplishes three goals.

– 1 Timothy 3:8-13 The qualifications for the office of deacon in the local church are still debated on college campuses.

If you’re still unsure, 9Marks has a great, brief exploration of the topic.

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Mark Lauterbach Jilted Again Candidating means you gotta know how to handle rejection.

Church leaders on the ground are usually too busy actually identifying, assessing, training, and deploying people into the role of deacon to continue debating it.

They’ve made their decision about how the office of deacon works and they’re moving forward.

Your church might not want to dive into your candidate’s financial problems.

You might want to add more questions about their reputation and role at work or their parenting style and beliefs.

If you're contemplating a move to a different church, this training pack will walk you through the candidating process and give insight into what to find out about a church, questions to ask during an interview, and the perspective of search committees.