They work independently to gather and assess data or may work with a small team, and these are working conditions that introverts prefer.

Their focus is on social interaction and how this affects the way people act and think.

A high school diploma is needed for this position, and social and human service assistants are often trained once hired (although some postsecondary studies may be an asset).

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All of this allows for independent or small-group work that introverts prefer, and postsecondary teachers are usually involved in research and writing about their research as well.

Postsecondary psychology teachers inform the next generation of psychologists about their discipline, and they typically must have a doctoral degree in psychology.

Baccalaureate degree holders are prepared for entry level positions in a broad range of areas including health and social services, mental health, organizational leadership and management, community relations, education, human resources, program development, public affairs, social science research, and programs for women.

Psychology is recognized in Massachusetts as a certificate academic major for Early Childhood and Elementary Education students.

Psychiatric technicians, who must have a certificate, associate's degree or nursing license, can give patients medications and lead activities for the patients.

Psychiatric aides help patients with practical needs, such as eating or getting dressed, and they are only required to have a high school diploma.Social and human service assistants may work with psychologists or social workers to assist their clients.This could mean locating services that the clients need or taking clients to appointments or other places they need to go.Psychology courses acquaint students with basic principles of learning, motivation, development, and interpersonal relationships, providing a foundation for effective living and a background for a variety of career opportunities. The major provides students with a wide range of marketable and graduate study skills that include interpersonal awareness, problem-solving, research, and computer literacy. Psychology involves how people think, feel and behave.