Ant began by laying out nine cards in three groups of three.

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Cindi has a unique approach to relationship counseling because she believes a good relationship begins with you.

She is also “The Romance Whisperer™” (Psychic/Medium) and channels information from your angels, spirit guides, and those loved ones who have crossed over to bring you messages and guidance that will help you on your journey towards a higher love.

Regions: United States, Canada, International Service Type: Dating Advice, Psychics Cost: From $1 / minute A psychic is someone who claims to have a special mental ability.

Examples of psychic abilities related to love and relationships include Precognition (seeing into the future) and Clairvoyance (perceive people, locations, or physical events via extrasensory perception).

Over the past few months, I’ve interviewed a few different tarot readers, tried starting my day with a daily tarot card pull, and bought my own tarot deck (which I am still, very slowly, learning how to use).

So when I was invited to get a tarot reading from the psychic Antphrodite, (famous on streaming site Twitch) I was in.

While it’s not exclusive to online dating, using a psychic is a popular option for many singles.

This website provides lots of resources and a great introductory rate to try a psychic reading for your love life.

Although some tarot readers believe it’s unethical to read tarot for people who aren’t present, Ant compares it to the way celebrity gossip and entertainment publications cover public figures’ lives.