Since the console’s release, there have been a few reports of couples broadcasting having sex with the Play Station 4.

There have also even been disgusting examples of sexual abuse broadcasted on the Twitch through the Play Station 4.

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Previously, live streaming a console game took a significant amount of technical knowledge and an expensive external capture card.

Both the Xbox One and Play Station 4 make live streaming much easier to use, but with this new level of accessibility comes people who use the feature for more nefarious purposes.

This FREE app has been updated with brand-new features requested by real performers.

Now you can accept private shows, pm viewers, and moderate your room - in landscape or selfie-style portrait mode.

The wiki How Tech Team also followed the article's instructions, and validated that they work. A webcam and an internet connection is all you need! Game streams are becoming more and more popular by the day. However, there are many online services you can use to broadcast.

Streaming live video is the future of the internet, and it is simpler than ever to get on board. Some have the capacity to broadcast live, while others do not.

You’ll need one that has a YUY2 or NV12 format to broadcast with it.

Most Logitech and Microsoft Life Cam webcams have this format.

Plus, the C4 Broadcaster app now includes Face Filters!

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Live streaming is going to become a big part of how people experience gaming over the next few years, especially for individuals like myself who cover the gaming industry.