Installed on more than 1.3 billion systems, Flash Player is the standard for delivering high-impact, rich Web content.

Note that Flash Player asks your permission before allowing an application to access your camera or microphone. You can select a different microphone, adjust microphone sensitivity, and reduce echo.

The settings you select here apply immediately to the active Flash application.

Microphone settings allow you to select a microphone, adjust its sensitivity, and reduce the echo that may be coming from your speakers.

Adobe Flash Player automatically detects any default microphone or other audio recorder on your computer, and sets microphone sensitivity to a medium value.

If you are using speakers instead of headphones, select Reduce Echo.

Reducing echo has the effect of reducing the noise coming from your microphone through your speakers.

Flash is a perfect candidate because it’s widely deployed and as leaky as a sieve. The last time we warned you about a critical Flash vulnerability being exploited in the wild was just last month.

There was another 0-day in the wild four months before that, in October 2017.

Remote Code Execution (RCE) flaws like this allow hackers to force your computer into running malware.

In the case of a Flash vulnerability like this one, all you have to do is look at the wrong booby-trapped website.

To change the default microphone, select another microphone from the pop-up menu.