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But it does matter because experience drives perception, and if that perception is that updates cause problems then users will look for ways to delay installing them.

This is mirrored perfectly in the low uptake for the major 'October Update' mentioned earlier.

The biggest of these is in the automatic restarting of the computer and the 'active hours' feature that enables the user to prevent these restarts from happening during that time.

"The pattern of use of almost all users was incompatible with the default setting of the 'active hours' feature" the researchers say, adding that only 28% of the users they surveyed even knew the feature existed.

A new study has confirmed that the cumulative Windows 10 monthly updates are still annoying and confusing users in equal measure.

They recommend that the operating system should learn better and more explicit update restart defaults based upon usage activity.

Some 43% also agreed that the update process causes fewer interruptions than previous version, although 21% disagreed.

That, it has to be said, is pretty much where the compliments end and the problems that Microsoft has still to address properly begin.

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