The Conquistadors were bringing the word of God to the heathen of the New World whether they wanted it or not.

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There have been dozens of discoveries that make it very clear that there was once a relatively advanced civilization occupying North America of which only bare remnants remain.

When the European explorers landed on the eastern shores of this great land, they believed that it was untouched by man.

As detailed by Rick Osmon in , by the time Christopher Columbus set sail in 1492, this idea, which was referred to as the Doctrine of Discovery, was a well-established concept.

Exclusive interview with author Rick Osmon The Spanish, acting on the assumption that there were no previous civilizations existing on the North American continent, rushed in to claim the “empty lands” granted them by the Papal Bulls.

D when the local Native American tribes that they had been oppressing for almost 125 years destroyed it.

Welsh visitors The Romans were not the only Europeans to predate the arrival of Columbus.

Then the explorers met the scattered Indian tribes that inhabited the east.

Most of the tribes in North America were small and ill prepared for the arrival of one of the greatest scourges of the old world – the religious zealot.

However, during the initial exploration, to their chagrin, there were signs that there had been a pre-existing civilization.

There was even evidence that there had been a pre-existing “Christian” civilization in North America.

These religious edicts treated non-Christians as uncivilized sub-humans, and therefore without rights to any land or nation.