I am a Vietnam Vet, 2 tours, Special Forces, MACV-SOG and have spent some 25 years of the last 50 abroad from the USA. About 3 years ago I bought an English hand-made EM Reilly, 12 ga. (Monty) Palit, former chief of operations of the India Army (during the Indo-China War), WWII Indian Army veteran, and noted military author.

Sx S hammer-gun shotgun after thinking about purchasing an English double for 25 years. I served at the American Embassy in India for three years in the late 1980’s. He was from a highly educated upper-class Indian family (Bengali father - senior doctor in the Indian Army, Mahratta mother) which had adopted British customs when it came to gun-sport. Then at a gun show in November 2015 in Northern Virginia a Reilly hammer gun just stuck to my hand.

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II in India, I would gladly pay for the book and its shipping to USA and for your time: https://books.google.com/books/about/Mu ...

Orjf0cp Iw C I and my family are mentioned in Vol II: Excerpts from P.

It was titled, "Musing and Memories" and published in two volumes.

I only have the first volume (General Palit gave us a photo copy of the draft before we left India too); if anyone can find Vol.

But still would welcome talking about him to those interested. (Monty) Palit, I'll repost something I put on Doublegunshop which summarizes his career.

If anyone knows anybody in the circle of the maharaja of Kolhapur, would much appreciate some asking about the Reilly's. I will say that we saw each other everyday for 3 years; he visited us in Greece and we drove up to Meteora, went past Thermopolae, went to Delphi and down to the Peleponnese to see the ruins of Mycenae. After this summary, later on I'll add some vignettes never written about hunting in Aurangpur, some hunting protocols he picked up from his Commanding officers and passed on to his subordinates, some observations about the "Permit Raj"...(I had a Black CJ-7 in New Delhi.

If anyone has a Reilly or knows of Reilly guns in India, I'd much appreciate serial numbers, type, bore, action, and the name and address on the ribs and photos if possible.

To illustrate, here is a quote from "Karma Express," a description of a trip on the The Deccan Odyssey, one of India's most regal luxury trains: "Afterward, we were ferried out to the palace of the maharaja of Kolhapur, a late-Victorian pile in the syncretic Indo-Saracenic style invented by the British.

597: ,,,,,"Christopher, the younger son, then three years old, used to love riding on my pommel as I hit the ball about the 61st Cavalry polo ground; and I soon became his favorite outsider. On Sunday's, Patel's day off, Geneviéve even insisted on serving me at table with a cooked breakfast from her kitchen!