Waterfront with paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, water trampoline (though by mid-September it may be chilly). It's put on by organizers of New England Polyamory.

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Here were the 2018 presenters, classes and schedule.

Here is Kitty Chambliss's writeup of her experiences at the 2018 event.

Yet at the same time, there is beauty and skillfulness in interdependence.... In previous years talks have covered designing relationships, sexual health, polyamory and mental health, polyamory and children, and BAME and non-monogamy.

And beyond merely meeting needs, we can find delight in co-creation, and in the many ways we can support each other in greater joy. There will be opportunities to socialise, meet up after the event, and quiet space if you need a break." Here's the Facebook event page for 2018. This big hotel conference drew a record 300 people in 2018, selling out a month in advance.

Breakfast, dinner, and food to cook over a fire provided; bring your own snacks. September 6–8, 2019 Avila, Spain "Open Con Madrid es un evento de carácter internacional abierto a todas aquellas personas que quieran descubrir que las relaciones felices y sinceras no han de ser necesariamente monógamas.

Consiste en una combinación de debates, talleres y actividades lúdicas que te brindarán la oportunidad de conocer gente con tus mismas ideas y actitudes, compartir experiencias e inquietudes, ayudar a fortalecer nuestra comunidad y disfrutar de su diversidad." 2019 will be Open Con Madrid's fifth year.

What would it take to be solidly present in each others’ lives, responding flexibly and with love to the needs that emerge?

What might we do right now to be there for each other? The deep truth is that each person is fundamentally alone.

Workshops and events include Heart of Now, Poly High Tea, the famous Human Carcass Wash, the Hiney Hygiene Station, Mind Melt, Revolutionary Honesty, Mindful Hugging Meditation, and a poly mixer.