In a post a couple weeks ago I mused about how the online dating world is plagued by what I guess we’ll call the “physical attraction problem.” I touched off a bit of controversy, both here and on Facebook, because there was some disconnect between what I set out to say and what people wound up hearing. In any case, the question of attraction is important if we’re ever to improve on our current trainwreck of an online dating system. Couldn’t care less – I’ve been crazy over blondes, brunettes and redheads with short hair, long hair, curly hair, straight hair, you name it. Now, you notice that there were physical and non-physical traits in there, and you see preferences and deal-breakers in both categories.I’ve been thinking about these issues, for reasons noted in that top link, and I can’t help feeling like the single biggest hurdle to getting from to something that actually works for people is physical attraction. Guess what – you’re like I am, and so is just about everyone else.Even he claims he is, "built like a toddler." But, to me, he is so sweet, fun and attractive emotionally, I find him attractive physically.

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Do you like what I did back there with the staircase analogy?

Well I did, but because that's really about as far as I can go in that direction, here's another one: Relationships are like any fire (I can hear at least two boy bands warming up their vocal cords as I write this), and physical attraction is that kindling.

The author would like to thank all of the following people for reading an earlier draft of the paper: Elaine Hatfield, Kathleen Mc Kinney, Sandra Metts, Glenn Reeder, and Eric Rice.

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In an experimental study, male and female university students were asked to indicate how attracted they were to an opposite gender stimulus person after being presented information about the person's physical attractiveness, earning potential, and expressiveness.

As hypothesized, subjects were more attracted to a physically attractive person than to a physically unattractive person, more attracted to a person with high earning potential than to a person with low earning potential, and more attracted to a high-expressive person than to a low-expressive person.

She was able to be attracted to him physically because she was (finally) completely attracted to him emotionally. Here's my advice: Look past the physical for a little bit. It might not work, you can't MAKE yourself find someone attractive, but knowing him deeper might change your mind.

Or rather, it provides a very significant advantage over those without attractive features.

In most cases, physical appeal is all we have to base our initial attraction.