He says that the media’s emphasis on white beauty has influenced him, but that he and Balducci never considered race to be a factor in their relationship.

This is a marked difference from the experience of Re’al Rodgers, who is a biracial student at Calhoun Community College in Decatur, Alabama.

Munif says this phenomenon applies to a number of other racialized issues, such as affirmative action, where there is a gap between people’s beliefs and actual behaviors.

Christian Rudder, President and Co-Founder of the popular dating website Ok Cupid, seems to confirm this.

Black men like that I’m black enough to be seen with but white enough for it to be exciting.

Being mixed is safe, having light skin, in a lot of ways, is safe.” Daniels says.

When asked whether the media shaped their views on beauty and whom they are attracted to, nine of the respondents I interviewed said that it did. A common argument that is employed when people explain the homogenous nature of their dating choices is that everyone has their own preferences.

For Wood, who has mostly dated white men, that isn’t the case.“I just happen to go to private schools that are full of more white people and these are the people I interact with, so probability-wise, that’s where it tends to go,” she said.VIEWPOINT: College students do NOT need a class in dating This is just one of the issues she says she’s run into personally because of her biracial identity.“Not only does it affect my dating life but it makes me think of…when the guy’s parents do not like me because I am a ‘halfie’ and they would rather not have their blood line ‘screwed up,’” Rodgers says.Ok Cupid did not immediately return a request for comment or further information about their findings.Neither did Tinder, a dating app popular on college campuses.She adds that she sometimes wonders if she dates white men because being loved by someone whose skin is considered more beautiful by society makes her more beautiful by association.“Does some part of me believe my proximity to whiteness makes me whiter? I’m trying to unlearn these racist and misogynistic ideas of beauty but I find them in me in new ways every day,” she says.