Today, Devora owns and operates three free dating sites, including Mazal, a niche platform for Jewish singles with special needs.Altogether, Devora supports 100,000 members who are seeking love and connection online.

This not-for-profit endeavor has given singles with special needs the tools and technology to reach out to one another and bring an end to their loneliness.

Looking to the future, Devora said she hopes to add job-matching tools and other resources to further assist members with special needs.

Her dating site gives Jewish singles the opportunity to meet people — and she helps them take advantage of it and actually build those romantic connections.

Today, she told us she often acts as a matchmaker via email.

” If the answer is yes, Devora can relay the good news and let the couple take things from there.

Devora can also offer guidance on how to set up a profile, what to say in a first message, and how to approach online crushes in an effective way.

“We give people the ability to date and get in touch with people. “We encourage all people who have special needs — or are ready to accept somebody with special needs — to join Maval ” Since 1996, Devora has built a far-reaching network of singles who are looking for long-term relationships.

Her three dating sites — JMatch, Mazal Tov, and — have seen over 100,000 signups in total.

In 1996, Devora launched, the first Jewish dating site, and she began building a niche network of singles in the early days of the internet.

She had no blueprint for success, yet her personalized approach to online dating won her the respect and trust of thousands of relationship-minded singles from all walks of life.

She gives JMatch members a much-needed support system by providing personalized advice and online matchmaking services.