Of course you’ll say that all Filipinas are easy if you go to Angeles City or filthy bars in Manila.

They do it in Germany, they do it in the USA, and they do it in the Philippines. It’s about I’ll tell you what will happen: You’ll get flooded with messages.

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Here’s why: I would never call them sluts, bitches, or whores. He ran away as soon as he found out that she’s pregnant.

They don’t deserve to be called like that because they have more than one reason to risk getting used, tricked and betrayed by foreigners who break their promises.​I hope you are not just another broken promise for her.​Imagine a 26-year-old Filipina single mom. She can’t work full-time because of the baby and she doesn’t have enough money because she can’t work full-time. She knows that I already talked about the rape, abuse, and domestic violence that cute Pinays have to face on a regular basis in my Filipino women guide.

And I already told you what usually happens when she gets pregnant. That’s why she continues to dream about meeting a responsible Western man like you.​Don’t believe everything you read in forums and just because your friends went to Angeles City and paid for sex doesn’t mean that the girl next door would do the same.

However, meeting Filipinas online is in fact easy and it’s even easier if you want a serious relationship or if you are looking for a wife.

The way the Saudi guys organize this is that they'll go on a trip somewhere in a group with other men, either friends, business associates, and a lot of times the dads will bring their own sons so they can experience some "white meat".

Usually the men will each kick in a certain amount like ,000, they bundle it all up, and then wire it over to the "recruiter" who will recruit the girls, screen them for STDs (Saudis love to raw dog), and then manage the payments according to the Saudi's wishes.THIS is the reason why you think that Filipino women are easy…and you might be right.​But an inbox full of messages from cute Pinays is not the only reason. ”Hookers are hookers and they’ll sleep with you for money. Paying girls for sex doesn’t answer the question “are Filipino women easy?Young wannabe stars have been getting sexually exploited for decades, and many former stars have come out and admitted it.When you see girls like Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, etc, there is a possibility that Dan Schneider has already been balls deep in their sugar walls.Bitches like Jenna Jameson dont even hide what they are doing.