Christ scolded them, and told that a leader must not be served, but must serve (Mark , see also Luke ).By supporting the present system, will it really create more public servants like Jesus? With all the mess created by lousy system today, a new system forcing politicians to become public servants is highly needed.A system change is required if we want more public servants in the Philippines.

Laws must not be superior to the constitution, which is the supreme law of the land.

Like other Filipinos, the board of bishops show their lack of practicality by saying that changing the Local Government Code would be enough.

Because of that, the Church has better opportunities to defend human rights.

The Church will also play greater role in its pro-life and pro-family advocacies, by acting as part of the “check and balance” under Parliamentary system (in moral aspects).

Federalism – specially the Parliamentary system – forces politicians to become public servants.

If politicians will not fulfill their promise to serve the people like what Jesus Christ did, the system itself will force them to do the same, or resign/be removed if they fail to keep their promise.Filipinos are not practical Practicality is needed if we want to have a progressive nation. Some people now are like Pharisees, worrying that Federalism will lead to loss of checks and balances, term extensions, and rise of political dynasties, while neglecting to find realistic solutions to longstanding problems (which are most important), like unemployment, OFW phenomenon, and bad governance (Matthew ). When he and his men were hungry, he broke the tradition just to satisfy their hunger (1 Samuel 21:1-6, Matthew 12:3-4).He had prioritized their needs instead of observing traditions, thus he had done a good work, which is the essence of Sabbath. When he learned about the sick man wanting to be healed during Sabbath (which tradition of Pharisees forbids), he broke the “tradition” just to heal the poor guy (Matthew -13).This forces politicians to shape up, be morally upright, and perform decency in their duties (because the Opposition – acting as check and balance – will see lack of morality or decency as opportunity to mock or ridicule them).Otherwise, they are no different to the hypocrisy of Pharisees. Former Laguna Governor ER Estregan once said, “A politician thinks of the next election, but a public servant thinks of the next generation.” Politicians today think like Jesus’ disciples in Mark -37.Social justice, human rights, and participation By supporting Federalism, which lifts people’s lives, the Church actually follows social justice Christ has laid in Matthew -40.