It’s kind of awk when the guy you’re talking to starts following all your girlfriends on Insta.

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He can argue that liking other girls’ photos is harmless, which is debatable on its own.

And according to most of these guys, commenting is clearly a little more serious.

At the end of the day, this kind of depends on what kind of guy it is.

If he’s a f*ckboy, he might be planning his next move, like Justin.

When your crush likes your selfie, you automatically want to assume that it means he’s DTF, but does it really?

Some guys claim they like pretty much everyone’s photos, but many admit they’re much more apt to like a pic if it’s a girl that they’re attracted to.

A dude following you on Insta is similar to him Snapchat requesting you: you assume it means he wants to see more of you. “Generally, [I’ll follow a girl] if I think she’s hot and it appears on suggested friends,” says Jarett.

“I’ll only look a person up to add if I hooked up with them or something.” He adds that usually this means he wants to hook up again, but just because he wants to hook up with a girl again doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll look her up on Instagram.

“I’d say its about 80/20 me liking girls’ pictures against everything else,” he says. You might find this behavior annoying, or you might find it a dealbreaker. But just know that when a guy says it “means nothing,” that’s not totally true.

But other dudes say they don’t get too methodical with their insta-likes, and throw out likes pretty freely — if it’s someone they’d wanna “bang.” “I like photos of girls I would bang and pretty much any photo a friend of mine [girls included] would post, unless it’s insulting to someone else,” says David, 21. “I definitely like a girl’s pictures more if I want to bang her, but sometimes I just appreciate a good picture even if she’s not really my type,” he says. So a dude who likes every girl’s bikini selfie on Instagram is probably not the type of dude you’d consider Prince Charming, but then again, does it really matter?

Is the type of guy who throws likes to Instagram models the type of guy who would cheat on you with an Instagram model given the chance?