Female Orcs catch the "fight like a girl" punk scene, and a few male Orcs get in on leather daddy fashions.Over time, Orcs would adapt to more "human" ways of expressing power, such as conspicuous consumption. Gun nuts have another boogieman to justify even larger rifles, not realizing an Orc could buy one just as easily.I was actually very proud of them for doing that; it would have been easy to go all "oh but he black; he know the struggle is real" instead of knowing that it'd dam well be about humanocentrism and not "i know your pain man".

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What happens if the orcs form a modern society with 100% Orcish morality and culture, rather than human culture with orc minorities? There's also the notion that for a society to actually work, there's some basic checkmarks that need to happen before the word go.

Now, morality is actually NOT one of those, so don't get your panties in a bunch.

And by that I mean that modern day orcs are treated like minorities, but aren't actually that bad of a guy and they're just like humans.

Don't you think it's weird that all fantasy races morality and culture revolves around humanity?

They are "civilized" in that most of their race has settled in cities, and changed their veneration of strength into a culture of endurance, both physical and mental.

CGI is at an all-time quality low these days because all the good studios are going bankrupt and all the remaining ones are overseas value factories that churn out "acceptable" product.

I kind of wish it were a series instead of a movie, honestly.

Should the fantasy races suffer from the "THEY'RE JUST LIKE US" syndrome, though?

Axe body spray sales would triple overnight, and the fraternity needs to compete with an orc bro who can crush a keg with his head.

Human-influenced Orc culture would start branching out.

But for a society to happen, people have to be able to work together, and there have been all kinds of societies.