To top it all off, Match doesn’t charge you to do so.

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Dating a hippie, whether male or female, is as challenging as it is rewarding.

If you don't have the same values or lifestyle, you'll find yourself struggling to take into consideration the environment and your impact on it, as many hippies do.

The site has over 30 million members and over 13.5 million visitors every month, so the user base is only going to grow.

You can sort your searches by lifestyle, spirituality, religion, and interests, among other things, to make sure you find someone who’s a true match.

If you're not politically involved, at least be open to learning something new.

Chances are, your hippie date will be thrilled at the opportunity to teach you.

Since 2006, Pilar Ethridge has had the pleasure of honing her writing skills as the assistant editor of the newsletter from a Washington, D. Based in Southern California, Ethridge received a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal studies from the University of California.

In “Forrest Gump,” Forrest reunites with Jenny, the woman he’s loved since he was a kid, at an anti-war rally in the 1960s.

It will also show that you are able to accommodate the hippie's lifestyle and that you'd like to keep dating.

A reusable thermos, canvas grocery bag, or a piece of handmade jewelry should do the trick. Her interests include children's media, film, American pop culture, crafts, and performing arts in general.

Yet you'll enjoy a hippie's down-to-earth, experimental nature, which can make dating exciting and adventurous.