After nearly 6 years of reporting about the latest technologies for women, each of us have decided to follow other career paths.

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"[But] by using that website — by just visiting — you have agreed to their terms of service, which means in the nanosecond it takes to actually connect to that website your information is gone." And it's perfectly legal. Go Public requested a Skype interview, but vice-president of marketing and communications, Allison Braley instead provided Go Public with a written statement (emphasis in the original).

" do we take Facebook data to create a Zoosk profile without a user’s express permission," she wrote.

And with that note, we leave you in the capable hands of our new Editor, and Co-editor, Buttons Stone and Lulu Schaen. Both of these lovely ladies have a strong pedigree, along with an unsurpassed passion for technology and dingos.

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"Right now in Canada, there's nothing to stop an organization from gathering that information about you and doing pretty much as they please with it as long as you're notified." That notification is the key — and also the problem.

Polsky says a lot of people don't realize they are just a click away from granting permission to take and use their personal information. You think you're getting rid of that pop-up screen or that link. According to the company, it has 29 million members across 80 countries. Having been married since 1988, I wasn't interested in a dating site, so I closed it." She says that within minutes, she started getting messages in her Facebook inbox from men. I was absolutely mortified." And Mari isn't the only one. "However, what happened was it brought me to the Zoosk site, which turned out to be a dating site.Our profiles are all created by users and not by Zoosk." While Zoosk denies creating profiles for users, its terms of use agreement clearly states that it can do exactly that."By accessing or using our services through a social networking site, you are authorizing Zoosk to collect, store, retain and use, in accordance with our privacy policy, any and all of your information that Zoosk has obtained from the social networking site, including to create a Zoosk profile page and account for you." The company says it no longer puts pop-up ads on Facebook.Because of the awful carousel, inability to search people by name, I’d rate this app with zero stars if I could.