Then, no, you don't need to wait three days before texting.Plus, planning it yourself shows you're willing to put in mutual effort and interest," says licensed psychologist Qua Vaundra Perry, Ph D, of Perry Psychological and Consultation Services. It doesn't mean the person has bad manners just because they reserved the right to not open your door or they forget to pull out your chair a few times.

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" Contrary to some backwards beliefs, you don't have to allow your date to dominate the conversation or dictate your every move.

If there's a topic you're passionate about or something you disagree with, speak up and let your personality shine through.

"A date isn't a networking event or a business meeting where you can't discuss uncomfortable subjects.

Otherwise, how will you learn about each other's views, opinions, and interests?

After all, the worst thing the object of your affection could say is "no," but at least you can handle the rejection knowing you put yourself out there.

Besides, if the person you've been eyeing can't handle your forwardness, all signs point to them not being worth your time.

But they're even worse when you hold back from asking pertinent questions that could determine whether someone is the right fit.

You don't have to share in their beliefs, but you should probably be aware of where they stand. " will only take you so far."We should be able to talk about money, sex, and politics in the 21st century," says Maryanne Parker, founder of etiquette company Manor of Manners in San Diego.

Celebrities were also known to take part in the game; just imagine if well-known bachelor George Clooney was competing for a date with you.

Let's Make a Deal (1963-2003) Talk about the luck of the draw: Contestants on this popular 1960's show would trade in an unusual item brought from home for a mystery one—which could've been a worthless "zonk" or an actual "prize." As audience members wised up, they started to dress in outlandish costumes to be chosen as one of the "Traders" of the day, which added to the overall charm of the show.

The Dating Game (1965-1999) One lucky bachelorette on The Dating Game got to ask three available men a series of questions which helped her determine who the winner would be.