The following shortcodes fetch data from the logged-in user's profile: Just insert any of these shortcodes directly into text fields on the form builder page or in the field's Dynamic Default Value box if it is not a text field.

If you are creating new subsites with the Formidable registration form, you can display the URL of the subsite that the user created in an email, View, or page. These code examples can be added to the Code Snippets plugin or a child theme's file.

Sometimes the user role may be different for different options chosen in your form.

When a registration form is submitted, an entry is created, as well as a user. This code will automatically delete the user if the entry that created them is deleted.

You may use the frmreg_user_data hook to modify a user's meta before they are created or updated.

If you would like to allow logged-in users to edit information that was submitted in their registration form, follow the steps below.

When a logged-in user goes to this page, they will be presented with the registration form already filled out with their information (excluding their password), which they can edit.You can take advantage of User Meta to add extra information to a user's profile, and then autopopulate forms with that data using this shortcode: Replace 'my_user_meta' with the key for your user meta.Also, you can use Formidable's Default Values to get basic information from a user's profile and autopopulate forms with that information.The default Word Press name and email will be used to send the activation email when you have the 'Email Confirmation' setting enabled.// Customize activation email add_filter( 'user_activation_notification_message', 'customize_activation_email', 20, 3 ); function customize_activation_email( $message, $activation_url, $user_id ) // Customize activation email subject add_filter( 'user_activation_notification_title', 'customize_activation_title', 20, 2 ); function customize_activation_title( $title, $user_id ) This can be used alongside a plugin that allows multiple user accounts to be registered to the same email address.If you would like to enable email confirmation, please follow the steps below.