If we are actually invested in creating Zion on earth, why would Mormons, as a people, be so exclusive?

When I first met my husband, at graduate school in England, I recognized immediately that he was a deeply good, kind, and thoughtful person.

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“Non-Mormons” are not non-persons, or non-entities – they are good, faithful, and beloved children of God.

I think this labeling is born out of fear of “the world,” and continued emphasis on Mormons as a “peculiar people.” While I can see some of the historic roots of this mindset, to me, it is bizarre.

Amen”Nick Davis, a graduate student at Iowa State, did not grow up in a religious household.

The only theistic influence he and his twin brother had while growing up came from their grandmother on their mother’s side.

Julianne Weis grew up in a big Mormon family in Orange County, California, and now lives in Washington DC with her husband and two kids.

She works on issues of maternal and child health, primarily in sub-Saharan African countries.We decided that that the core similarities in our faith: a belief in God, a belief in the Atonement, the central message of Christ to love one another and center our lives around service, would be the paramount lessons we would teach in our home.We agreed that while our children would likely hear messages at church services from church leaders that disparaged our family arrangement, or were contrary to the teachings of the “other” church, we would reinforce the central messages to our children back at home, and ask them to pray, search scriptures, and seek truth for themselves.I also realize there are challenges ahead: our kids are still very young, and we haven’t had to deal with tough questions or conversations with them yet. But at the same time, aren’t these issues in every marriage?I have many friends who were married in the temple, but now one member has left Mormonism, or changed beliefs, or their children have struggled with faith.For Nick Davis, life has changed drastically in the last few years.