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Buying clothing and dressing your Mon Amour Toujours girl adds to the experience of doll ownership.

You can dress her anyway you like and carry out your fantasies.

Il n'y a pas de hasard, il n'y a que des rendez-vous.

- Paul √Čluard It is true that people in love are always on cloud nine, or are often found swept off their feet and there's nothing wrong in it.

Perhaps the most challenging part of these options is getting over the uncomfortable feeling that you're a man looking for and purchasing women's clothing.

It may take some psyching yourself up but you'll soon find that you get used to it and all the stares you thought you might get never even happen.

It's nice having the comfort of anonymity shopping online but sometimes you just can't find what you need or the item you're looking at is too expensive.

Goodwill as well as local thrift stores have a large selection of clothing at super low prices.

Mon Amour Toujours is a verified USA seller of realistic sex dolls.