Darin befinden sich alle bereits eingegebenen Cheats wieder, die Sie nun bequem anklicken knnen.

Im beliebten Computerspiel GTA 4 von Rockstar Games erleben Sie eine sehr interessante und spannende Geschichte.

Um in GTA 4 eine Freundin zu bekommen, müssen Sie die Dame als Erstes von Ihren Vorzügen überzeugen und beliebt bei ihr werden.

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Studies have suggested that anything between 35 and 50 per cent of all couples in the UK, now meet via the web.

What’s more, a study by dating site e Harmony, estimated that seven in ten couples will have done so by 2040 – with 55 to 64-year-olds experiencing the biggest boom (an expected 30 per cent rise between 20).

They conducted a survey of 433 online daters and found that the longer they waited to meet a match in person, the more likely they were to feel let down.

That trend that was significantly more obvious after the 17 to 23 day ‘tipping point’.

The mission consists purely of a cutscene depicting the wedding of Roman to Mallorie Bardas — the end of the scene, however, depends on Niko’s above mentioned decision.

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Die Cheats funktionieren erst mit der zweiten Mission des Spieles.

Nachdem Sie einen Cheat im Handy eingegeben haben, erhalten Sie im Handy den Eintrag "Cheats".

Baldly, without meeting someone, there’s only so much information you can glean about them – knowing someone’s taste in films, music, food does not a personality make.