The list below details the best of these and includes English and European makers marks.

Founded in 1843 by Helena Wolfsohn Used: c1880s Helena Wolfsohn wasn’t a porcelain manufacturer but rather a painting studio that decorated externally bought porcelain.

It goes without saying that surviving pieces are very rare and very expensive and that there are almost none available on the open market.

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And buyers should be aware that they are probably all imitations, most having been produced in the second half of the 19th century.

Most imitations will be colourful and completely different in style from the original early 18th century meissen pieces.

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Mark is best known for his appearances on BC is a successful singer-songwriter, and together, they make up the indie musical duo Alexander | Jean.

Rose transferred production and used factory as a warehouse. Founded in 1859 – By: Joseph Schachtel Used From: ca.

1866 The Charlottenbrunn factory specialised in the production of porcelain pipes.

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Knowing what to look for and the dates that are relevant to each Meissen mark can help you avoid buying imitation Meissen porcelain.

You should remember that the marks detailed below are mostly drawn by hand and that slight variations in the format occur and the mark only supports the source and doesn’t testify to it.

However, the AR monogram on early wares is often under the glaze and it’s safe to assume pieces were ordered with the mark applied before firing.