someday i cant tahan call jabatan islam come catch her.i think is depends on the guys.i ll advice my fren no wan.... Hate it when this kenot that kenot, wanna makan also must think twice.. That is the reason why you can see many chinese or non muslim still prefer Indo.

malay girl dating chinese guy-71

And I lived together with three Malaysian women during college.

I dated two (none of the two I lived with) and one of my closest friends is a traditional Malay girl.

later family problem occur...n berkhatan is good for health.. advatanges;1; dating a malay girl could save more money than dating with a chinese girl(it depends,still)2;malay girl isn't that picky as chinese does3:u can have bini-es after u enter islam4:potong helps to prevert dieseas and delay ur ejuaction(forgot the spelling) timeetc-etc...

(idea shortage as i nvr date malay b4)disadvantages1:u might get caught for doing so in certain place such as KT,kelatan...2:not everyone can stay the smell of their perfume x DD3:not every chinese are good in bahasa (for me x DD )btw,potong is not the only factor that make chinese don't want to date malay lol,some chinese also 'potong' even they are not islamdepends the malay gals lo....

Nizam encountered a lot of difficulties while dating his Chinese partner, Margaret. I never felt so much happiness before I knew this girl. But the good times did not last and we got a serious dose of parental disapproval and judgmental side-eyes from our relatives. “She tried to escape from there and wanted to come back here, but she failed. “Her willingness made the decision to convert to Islam easier, it’s not about race.

From her parents disapproving their relationship to Margaret being sent overseas, the couple have gone through multiple ups and downs together but are now married and have a 5-year-old daughter. “When her parents got to know that she was dating me, a Malay guy that had nothing, they sent her overseas to avoid me seeing her. I called her every night when she was overseas to hear her voice. “Her relative kept away her passport and she actually tried to commit suicide. Nothing can describe how grateful I am to have a girlfriend like her staying by my side when I really had nothing. It’s about initiative and finally we were married, she put her trust all on me. We had to sleep on the floor in the living room where there is no more room for us. But she did not even complain with her pregnant stomach. “Until she given birth to our previous baby girl, she was natural birth.

But I promise you that, after you have read this article, I’ve dated all of them. I dated a Chinese girl and an Indian girl and I failed miserably with a Malay girl.

Today I’m glad that I failed and you’ll soon find out why. I have to thank her for some of the most memorable experiences in my life.

I try my best take care my little sweetheart when she was about few months old. “At this point of time, I cannot afford luxury for her.

But finally she achieved her dream as a makeup artist.

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