Maybe you were just sharing and showing him that you have things in common.

How about your eye, your other leg, or your other arm and so on…

Tally up your entire body, and you’ll reach a million dollars or more.

Tell him how cool it is that he has this connection, especially since it set you up to enjoy this lovely restaurant with him.

In other words, acknowledge you’re impressed and thank him for what he’s done for you.

Let’s face it: you’ve seen and done a lot, and anything he offers you can probably do for yourself.

The problem is that the men you want are the ones who want to impress you.That’s what men do when they like you: they try to please and impress you.That’s one of the best things about dating grownup men – As woman in her 40s, 50s and beyond, it gets harder and harder for men to “wow” you.Try it on your next date, or even with the men in your office, and let me know how it goes!Would you sell your arm for another one-thousand dollars?If you don’t let him, he is not likely to call for another date and he definitely won’t pick you as a partner. Simply receive his information and acknowledge it before you fire back.