From life-long love to wedding bells, here's where you can meet women seeking women who share your relationship goals.For this study, we analyzed anonymous data from 4700 randomly selected single lesbians dating via Elite Singles. Saskatchewan points out, this desire for connection is far more than just a punchline: ''from the outside, the LGBT community is sometimes seen as non-traditional, but in truth the search for long-lasting and committed love is simply a part of the human condition.

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A decade after my marriage had fallen apart, and around the time when my third teenager was ready to fly the coop, years after my last ineffective ‘date’ or my last ‘boyfriend’, at a time when most of my friends were gay and I spent a lot of time envying them, saying things to myself like ‘I wish I was a lesbian’, there came a long winter when something started to hum and I heard it, deep inside. Then it made me set up a woman interested in women profile on Plenty Of Fish, and then – it made me tell someone.

It made me set up a man’s profile on Lava Life so I could creep the women there.

I had no idea where it was so she suggested we meet in front of Womyn’s Ware.

I thought that was probably a dress shop but my oldest daughter’s eyes widened when I told her. One of a few good stops if you’re a woman looking for toys but that will be material for another blog. You join a group and then you get notices about events such as pub nights, pool nights, hikes, movie nights, coffee hangouts, that sort of thing. There are lots of different lesbian, women-to-women meetup groups and you can find many of them at this link are a few huge Facebook groups serving the lower mainland lesbian and women identifying community.

In one of my earlier blogs I share what I did on my first Vancouver Pride. But events around town don’t stop at Pride celebrations.

There’s the Queer Film Festival, the Queer Arts Festival, Meet Ups (see above), Camping weekends (Wild Women, Vancouver Outdoor Club for Women, and others), BOLDFest, and more. I understand how it would seem daunting to just go out and attend a lesbian dance party or club – but a lot of the Meet Up groups will set up a table or meeting place at these events – this is a good way to attend and know someone. This is a fantastic win-win way to get to know people in the community and feel good at the same time.

So – Plenty of Fish and my first woman to woman dates.

And here are some tips: This will save you oodles of time and angst.

The point is, a coffee date is just that – coffee and then goodbyes.

It should be easy to part, and it should happen quickly and without discomfort. This is a nice spot because it has table perches by the window, a menu for all hours of the day, and it’s on Commercial. And older lesbians who have cool little apartments in those big heritage houses.

There are zillions of events in the Lower Mainland, from music and nightlife to arts and culture, sporty events and groups, and of course, festivals.