(For a more in depth exploration of her performance and the film, you can read my review here)She first popped up on our radar with her menacing performance in . I'm a snowboarder, and if I'm ever shooting in the winter, I can't snowboard.So check out the interview in which she fills us in on how she prepared for and what attracted her to this role, what it was like to work with Drew Barrymore and Kristen Wiig, and what it was like to film the incredible underwater scene featured in the film. And it's really hard for me, because [I'm] contractually obliged not to. So it's awesome to shoot a movie and simultaneously being smashed around on a derby track.

And Being able to work with someone that is as talented as Marcia to explore that was really a great experience. Or do you just stick with what goes into the script?

Do you work out either with her or the director or with yourself, parts of the character's background that we don't see o screen? This character doesn't feel remotely like Juno to me.

And how she's kinda doing something, not that she's "evilly" forced into, but something that's not really igniting passion for her in her life.[Then she] finally discovers something that allows her to connect to a sense of confidence and something that allows her to see her full potential. It's always amazing as a young actor to work with someone who's had such an unbelievable career full of so many accolades, and played such a diverse role of characters.

The mother/daughter story is one of the things that attracted me to this film.

Then when I see it in the film with that Jens Lekman song playing("Another Sweet night on Hammer Hill"), I just absolutely love it.

The playful quality of it, and the dream like [quality]. By the end of the night I was ready to go home(laughs).

I don't usually/typically watch rushes or anything.

But when we watched play of it, it just looked gorgeous.

That's not something that really ever existed because she's just not like Juno.

It's funny cuz' I remember when the movie was first starting to be publicized, I read a couple of things. And I was like, 'First of all, what just crawled up your ass?

I'm like, 'Can I just play a small part or something? So it's just not where my immediate instinctual interest is going to go to.