The mouse squealed in surprise and ran away Like a coward trying to avoid a fight.The old man baited a mouse trap with cheese Like a hunter going after big game.

By Michele Meleen Friends are like the stars in the sky, always there even when you can't see them.

They shine brightly in dark times, guiding me as the North Star does for travelers.

And that's when the teacher caught him, And his face turned red like a fire engine.

"Young man, I see what you're doing, And I know you don't have good intentions.

Similes are used in funny poetry and serious poetry.

You can even combine poetic devices like using similes and metaphors in a single poem.

By Kelly Roper Sweat shot out from the boy's forehead Like a sprinkler watering a lawn.

He'd been dreading taking this test, And his teacher just turned the timer on.

Children can write simile poems to describe a variety of items and situations in their lives.