By the age of 21, she had started 3 martial arts schools.She was later picked up in her first film She likes traveling and exploring what nature has to provide. She is also a big fan of social media, but still prefers to talk to friends in person.In 2013, she starred in A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III and appeared in the comedy The Art of the Steal.

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that led her to international fame and recognition.

Her character on the show is a shieldmaiden and the wife of the show’s lead character – Ragnar Lothbrok; played by Travis Fimmel.

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She was was born in Ontario near a placed called Etobicoke.

and then she acted in her debut movies with a role in the movie ‘Biohazardous’.

Her career took her to star in the movies like ‘Going the Distance’, ‘Killers’ and ‘Stand Up Guys’.

She also had played the hot seductive role as Lisa in the movie ‘Love and Other Drugs’ alongside Jake Gyllenhaal.

Her lesbian kissing scene in the movie became very popular and it was so believable that many fans mistook her for being a lesbian in real life.

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Fee’s nude, sexy, sex scenes from the new Netflix movie “Polar” (2019).

She is bi-lingual and can fluently speak Ukrainian as well as English.