A critical portion of the model will be tested in the context of print advertising targeted to African Americans.First, a brief review of the existing literature on marketing to ethnic groups will demonstrate that these questions have not been addressed in research to date.

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From a distribution perspective, accommodation behaviors might entail locating a retail outlet in the ethnic community, or franchising to ethnic proprietors.

Intercultural Accommodation could also take place at the organizational level in areas such as minority hiring practices, or support of ethnic community causes or scholarships.

We introduce a Theory of Intercultural Accommodation to explain differential reactions within an ethnic group to the use of cultural symbols in advertisements.

We report the results of an exploratory study which provides partial support for key aspects of the theory.

During this period, societal changes caused a reevaluation of the role of previously ignored consumer groups.

As far as ethnic groups were concerned, marketers and researchers focused almost exclusively on African-Americans.

The term Intercultural is used to convey the idea that this communication is occurring across at least two cultures.

In the United States, typically the organizational communication is originating in the dominant Anglo culture, and is targeted at one or more ethnic cultures, African-American, Hispanic-American, Korean-American, etc.

And finally, the conclusion will provide directions for future research on this phenomenon.