In other words, it prevents you from writing code that would throw certain exceptions at run time.

It executes a sequence of functions while accumulating the results, even if some or all of these functions fail during the execution chain.

The library's applicative functor is built upon the implementers of its interface.

Validation is a frequently occurring task in Java applications, and hence a lot of effort has been put into the development of validation libraries.

Vavr (formerly known as Javaslang) provides a full-fledged validation API.

If someone input any value except integer it will give an error and ask to input value again.

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Let's elaborate on the most commonly encountered approaches. It consists of checking validation results with the reduces the processing of validation results to just a one-liner.

It's worth stressing that the functions' return types passed as arguments to the method must be the same.

If you have not already done so, download the source files for the tutorial. Pattern Syntax Exception: Unclosed character class near index 24 [01]?