Just like that everyone can have preferences, for hair colour, eye colour, length, facial structure, breast size, whatever. Some people are really into curvy women, some aren't.

We as humans are incredibly picky about looks within our own race and that's generally accepted, and somehow we're racist if we state that in general we're more attracted to women of a certain race?

Even though there are very big and very general differences between races? She really prefers her partner to be taller than her.

I was very much looking forward to getting into the Bay Area dating scene, although this new assignment would obviously change that.

I've read some about the Dating Scene for Westerners in Tokyo-- TLDR seems to be: easy for a Western Man to date Japanese Women, difficult for a Western Woman to date Japanese Men.

Therefore, take your time, don’t rush, and don’t be too aggressive or that will label you as a “loose women” and turn off Japanese guys.

If you noticed, the men of this video also seemed to be “shy” and passive.

Not to mention the vast cultural differences that I have even't really gotten into.

I think it becomes racist if you start excluding people from the get-go and look down on them.

There are many kinds of Japanese guys who are also very assertive and very direct when it comes to women. Please keep in mind that I will only use “average” because it’s convenient to use when referring to an image.

Anyways, this here is a collection is my 3 years of learned information in which I collected from interviewsi and observed myself which means I am not 100% accurate. image source I have foreigner female friends who often find that finding a Japanese boyfriend is a difficult task and often frustrating.

It’s similar to the concept of how Japanese people like to take their time with anything as a part of enjoying a process and the moment.