After he graduated from University, Blunt went to Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst where he trained in the military.

This was as he had a mandatory minimum of 4 years’ service that he had to do with the military as his education was sponsored by the military bursary. What brought fame to him, however, is his career as a musician.

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She revealed that she was getting frustrated with people asking her if she was the singer’s sister, even after she had kept repeating that they were not related.

Looking at his relationship life, there’s been times when people have stated that the singer is gay.

Next, the singer went to the University of Bristol where he studied Sociology.

He likewise studied as a pilot following in the footsteps of his father.

Their marriage has thus far been blessed with a son who was born in June 2016.

In 2017, Ed Sheeran revealed that Blunt who is his close pal had made him the godfather to his son.

This got him to come out and comment more than once on the issue, saying that it was a compliment for people to think he is gay, and at another point he said people can ask his wife.

That said, there is no strong indication that he is gay.

Even though he is more popular by his stage name, the soft rock singer was born James Hillier Blount on 22 February 1974 in England, Tidworth, Hampshire.