Growing up, his family moved around a number of European and South American countries particularly Argentina and consequently, he attained a level of fluency in the Spanish language.

His parents got divorced when he was 11 years of age and as a result, himself, his mother and younger brothers all returned to New York.

Their relationship dates back to the year 2009 and they have remained inseparable ever since. The actor’s sexual preference has never been in doubt and going by his pretty uncomplicated dating history, it is quite obvious that he is into women.

A serial box-office star, the talented actor has had his fair share of blockbuster movie roles, all of which have had him smiling to the bank.

The multitalented star has also delved into the behind-the-scenes aspect of the business and this is bound to extend his period of relevance in the industry.

Two years later, she was seen in the movie El complot del Anells playing the role of Álvaro Fernández Armero.

In the early 1990s, she starred in the movies like Un submarí a les Tovalles, Capitán Escalaborns, Barcelona Lamento and so on.

American-born Hollywood star Viggo Mortensen can be described as a man of diverse talents.

He has prospered as an actor, a producer, director, writer, photographer and poet.

After graduating from Watertown High School in 1976, he enrolled at St.

Lawrence University in Canton where he bagged a degree in Spanish Studies and Politics.

He moved abroad after college, living in England, Spain and Denmark, before eventually returning to the US to commence his acting career.