“He should’ve made sure (to control) who was surrounding him, because the people close to you will take the knife and put it in your back,” she continued. But it’s hard not to jump to man who was both Jackson’s predecessor and successor.

After regaining control, Mills said he tried to steer Jackson in other directions (which, hopefully).

He contributed to the malaise with a comedy of incompetence.

“I haven’t talked to Phil today, but if that’s him, I’ll head upstairs,” said Walton, whose team was leaving Wednesday afternoon for a four-game trip that starts Thursday in Houston.

Walton won championships as a player with Jackson in 20.“Even the year I semi-retired, Phil’s someone I like to stay in constant communication with,” Walton said.

When asked about that comment two seasons ago while playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, James said he had “zero” ties to Jackson.“No relationship at all,” James said.

“I had nothing but respect for him as a coach for what he was able to do.

After Buss's father died in 2013, his controlling ownership of the Lakers passed to his six children via a family trust, with each sibling receiving an equal vote.

Buss took over as team president and represents the Lakers on the NBA Board of Governors.

Johnson, who played for the Lakers from 1979–91 and in 1996, had also served as VP, coach, and part-owner of the organization.

Buss would then hire sports agent Rob Pelinka to be the new general manager.

That served as a lesson for Jeanie Buss, Lakers owner and Jackson’s former fiancée.