ok that is fine then, but i did read it in the magazine myself, also i read that there might be a kiss in Camp Rock 2.(Mini no ipod (talk) , 30 July 2008 (UTC)) A new single from Demi Lovato was put on i Tunes on August 12 called "[Get Back]" it is number 7 on its ratings.

These days free pictures can be hard to find (I'm the one who found the current image) and I can tell you it isn't easy finding free pictures, but if you've got one then just put it up on the article. (talk) , 9 November 2008 (UTC) I think there should be a different Demetria picture because the current one is scary, as aforementioned, but it is also really old because Demetria now has an orange tan and dark hair.

If her own page was so full of info, okay, but it's not, so this should be merged asap!

is demi lovato really dating trace cyrus-32

milton bradley puzzles dating - Is demi lovato really dating trace cyrus

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Blogs are generally not considered reliable sources but this one is usually pretty accurate and has been allowed to stay as a reference in Selena Gomez and Wizards of Waverly Place for info on the movie.

It would be better overall, though, to wait for a Disney press release or an article in some major news source like Variety.

Would anyone be so kindly to donate a picture of Demi Lovato or upload one?

Thanks, calliegal_x (talk) , 27 March 2008 (UTC)Calliegal since pictures are the topic, i feel we need a better pic of Demi you cannot see her face very well-Mini no ipod (talk) , 10 August 2008 (UTC) Can you guys change the picture of Demi,she looks way different compared to now. It is rediculous that she has a seperate discography page, while she doesn not even have one album out, let alone some real charting singles.

I mean she probably did share a friendship to her castmates from Camp Rock, but where is the source that says that she's good friends with all of them? Might as well put on Selena Gomez's channel that she's good friends with David Henrie and Jennifer Stone as well. Her real long term, non situational friend IS Selena Gomez and that is well referenced.

The others are just meaningless professional "friends".

How easy for a user determine a website as 'unreliable source' ?

You want to wander over to WP: RS and WP: RSN to discuss reliability issues.

Is it because this information was provided by unsourced content?