— In every room in the Mansion Hef keeps a tray with baby oil, Vaseline, and Kleenex.Many of Hef’s girlfriends get yeast infections from the baby oil.

— The girls were paid exactly $0 for the show’s first season.

When the girls shot for the magazine, they were paid the very bottom price paid.

— Holly estimates that “the majority” of playmates have had sex with Hef.

— Holly insinuates that Kendra is lying in her book Sliding into Home, when she describes being invited to the mansion and to be Hef’s girlfriend before she ever had sex with him.

She described bizarre ritual sex (all the “girlfriends” in a circle around Hef who was watching porn on big screens and having sex with his “main” girlfriend while the others stimulated oral sex on each other and prayed for the nights to end quickly). When I heard Holly Madison was dropping her own tell-all, I knew she’d be forced to confirm or deny what Izabella said — but some of the secrets she revealed were even juicier. If you’re at all curious about what unfolds behind the scenes at — The girlfriends, especially when Hef kept 7 girlfriends at a time, hated all of these activities. Even when they were at a club they were expected to sit with Hef or dance immediately in front of his table. — On nights were there were no scheduled activities, there was a 9pm curfew for the girls. — Girlfriends were given a $1,000 weekly “clothing allowance” and allowed to use the house account at Jose Eber Salon in Beverly Hills.

— Hef wanted his girlfriends to be seen driving nice cars around town to enhance the brand — but he didn’t want to give them the independence of owning an expensive vehicle.

Many of the bonds you see on the show felt real to them, at least for that time.

— Shortly after she began filming Holly was prescribed Effexor, a drug used to treat depression.

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