These are centered around giving notice that the behavior is unwanted, and documenting the behavior.

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After rejecting Alonzo’s actions and requests for a date, Julia started receiving suggestive email messages in her company account.

When, a few weeks later, Alonzo started leaving little gifts on her desk, Julia sent an email to Alonzo making it clear that she wasn’t interested in a personal relationship, and asking him to stop all of his actions toward her.

While any number of behaviors might create a hostile work environment, any conduct or actions that create an environment in which an employee dreads going to work is generally seen to create such a setting.

A hostile work environment is sometimes referred to as an “offensive work environment,” or an “abusive work environment.” The individual causing a hostile work environment may be an employee, a supervisor, an owner, or even and independent contractor.

Other hostile work environment laws are left to the individual states, both to legislate, and to enforce.

State hostile work environment laws also protect employees facing retaliation for having reported a violation of anti-discrimination laws.The EEOC often acts as mediator in settling discrimination complaints, and the agency has the authority to file civil lawsuits against employers on behalf of employee victims.The federal laws enforced by the EEOC are related to discrimination in the workplace, which often applies where a person feels he is working in a hostile or uncomfortable environment.Julia was pleased to learn the next morning that Alonzo had been fired for creating a hostile work environment. The EEOC investigates complaints made by employees who feel they have been discriminated against based on their race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, or disability.The EEOC also investigates reports of retaliation against an employee who has filed a complaint of discrimination or hostile work environment.A copy of the police report should then be given to the employer as a part of the ongoing hostile work environment complaint.