Pros Meld seeks to elevate online dating above casual meetings.

Meet for a date that RBL adopts a Tinder-like swiping interface but shifts the focus of the app to the lasting romantic relationships, not falling into a one-day-hookup trap.

You could say, it’s a Tinder for black girls and guys, only with the focus on meaningful connections.

Filters sort matches by their age, race, education, height, interests, and habits.

Pros Afroamericans can meet Afro-Americans, and white people can visit to start a relationship as well.

Price- A free version;- Paid subscription for 10$ per month for users under 30 years old; - 20$-subscription for users above 30 years old.

Matching algorithms An iconic swiping system with right sipes for accepting the match and the left ones for rejections.

As the name tells you, the website is not limited to white or black users only - it also includes a fair share of Asian and Hispanic profiles.

The app encourages open-mindedness in a relationship and does it successfully.

Users can upload their pictures, write about their interests and romantic preferences.