But for –50 per month, you can get an array of upgraded services, like the ability to add readers to your email list, customize giveaways, and add additional pen names or author pages for other books.

If you’re planning your launch several months in advance, an amazing way to build pre-launch buzz is to submit to professional review outlets.

Running a pre-launch email giveaway for your book is a simple way to get feedback and early reviews.

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All you need to do is ship out the books, along with a note requesting an honest review on Goodreads and/or Amazon.

If you have a little money to invest, using an advance distribution site can also help you build pre-launch buzz through reviews.

Then email that cover letter and your e Pub to By covering all these bases—your own email list, professional review outlets, avid Goodreads readers, and new readers—you can start getting reviews even before you launch your book, helping you build your social proof for a stronger, higher launch!

This complete author business planning system is designed to specifically address the needs of writers working to build their platforms and author businesses – everything from tracking daily word counts and book sales, to strategic marketing, launch planning, and developing your author brand.

After all, it’s hard for people to review your book publicly if you don’t have a public profile for it!

While book bloggers can review your book without leaving a formal review on Amazon or Goodreads, not having a presence on those sites seriously limits your pre-launch potential.

only accepts books that have a print version, but they will take digital copies for review, so this is a great option for authors who will be releasing both versions.

Just create a cover letter that includes key information about your book, like the category, title, author, ISBN, price, page count, format, publication date, description, and any publicity information like author bio, etc.

And those can be ordered before you actually launch for a reasonably low price—most print-on-demand services like Ingram Spark and Create Space allow you to order “proof copies” before you actually click “publish,” which you can use as early giveaway copies.