In the psychology of many people, there is a lofty idea of ​​the first meeting.

Let’s see what psychological aspects are hidden in this direction.

Speed ​​Dating is a paid format for quick dates or parties, the purpose of which is to acquaint different people with each other.

Long meditations, doubts, indecision are abolished. People with a proactive attitude to life come to the forefront of natural selection, they react flexibly to changes and are open to new experiences.

Perhaps that is why in large cities Speed ​​Dating is becoming increasingly popular.

And only then sympathy will turn the meeting into a date.

Unfortunately, the lack of romance is not the only obstacle to the recognition of Speed ​​Dating.

Two more stereotypes block the desire to act in young people.

People say that a man should do the first step, and a woman should not offer herself.

If you're considering attending a speed dating event, but don't really know what to expect, look no further! Speed dating is a fantastic alternative to online dating sites like Tinder and Bumble.

Whether people like to admit it or not, most people don't look much beyond the initial profile picture.

The second statement is a well-known argument in favor of female passivity, coloring an active interest in acquaintance by agreement in vulgar tones.