Feelings are communicated through cues, and the actions speak for themselves.

All the signs that a woman wants you are evident in her body language. Jeremy Nicholson, a psychologist, you will learn a lot from the way a woman looks at you.

Most fail, usually wanting to be too much of one, and not enough of the other. Over 10 weeks, prosecutors have called 56 witnesses who have portrayed her husband as a vengeful drug trafficker, a bloodthirsty killer and a habitual philanderer. Coronel has appeared in court almost every day, a stone-faced fixture in her reserved seat in the second row.

For instance, if the woman holds your gaze a little longer than usual, the chances are that she considers you more than a friend or a colleague.

Do you often go to look at her and you catch her watching you, only to see her quickly turn away in embarrassment?

In the past month, Emma Coronel Aispuro, the wife of the drug lord known as El Chapo, has become a controversial central character in her husband’s trial.

A witness named her as a co-conspirator in his infamous maximum-security prison break in 2015.

Coronel and her husband wore matching maroon velvet suit jackets in what appeared to be a show of solidarity.

Over the course of Joaquín Guzmán Loera’s three-month trial, witnesses for the prosecution have described a grim life for the women in and around the cartel who are often expected to balance a role that walks the line between lover and accomplice. Coronel, the most prominent female presence in a trial of almost exclusively male players, has emerged as the exception.Things are going so well, and you are convinced that the two of you could have a future together.However, before you declare your feelings, you would like to confirm that the attraction is mutual.Guzmán had a man buried alive — that El Chapo’s own legal team only mustered a 30-minute defense on Tuesday after the prosecution rested its case.Married couples cannot be compelled to testify against each other, but recent trial developments have left many wondering how Ms. Prosecutors declined to answer questions about why she is not in legal peril, and Ms.Now more than ever, she is linked to her husband.“If you hear ‘Emma Coronel’ and you know who Emma Coronel is, then you’re going to think: El Chapo,” said Miguel Ángel Vega, a reporter for the news site Rio Doce, based in Culiacán. Coronel, 29, became El Chapo’s wife as a teenager in 2007 and a mother while in her early 20s.