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We got married in San Francisco, and I got pregnant the first night of our honeymoon as near as I can tell!

My doctor had told me I’d have a tough time conceiving, so I took it as a sign that this was meant to be.

As you may know, the name "Cytherea" comes from Greek Mythology and serves as another name for "Aphrodite" — the Goddess of Love.

Considering Cytherea's chosen profession, that works, right? We can see the outside easily enough, and now Cytherea has finally taken the reigns of her own web presence.

Now we can't be certain that our Cytherea relied upon that romantic connection before embarking on her "nom de porn" here, but no one can doubt that Dear Cy certainly brings a unique … You'll find her on her Blog everywhere, and you'll find an even more intimate "her" inside her members area.

I was born September 27, 1981 to a poor, single, 18 year old mom. One of my eyes needed a much stronger prescription than the other, so one lens was always much thicker than the other, and my eyes looked like they were different sizes.

Everyone was really nice to me, but I do want to thank Ron Jeremy, Larry Flynt, Patrick Collins, and Peter Warren specifically.

I’m also especially grateful to Suze Randall for helping me adopt out my little dogs to good loving families. I actually met my husband when I was dating his buddy, if you can believe that. (Although with me, at least after an orgasm or two, we really don't use lube very often.

Then, as you may have heard, Brian and I had a very bad breakup.