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You might hear it described in some publications or by dealers as the slanted script logo.

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For many vintage instruments, determining the date of manufacture involves little more than running the serial number through a reference guide.

Whereas Martin guitars have been using a single, consistent numbering system since the 19th century, Gibson has used several different serial number formats since its inception in 1902, meaning that some formats and numbers overlap across decades.

Gibson stopped dotting the “i” in their logo on some of their instruments during this period.

Most models get a dotted i again in 1972, with the rest following suit from 1981 onward.

The Gibson Serial Number Decoder currently supports 6 formats from 4 Factories.

For guitars made prior to 1977 use the extended search function.This new function will try to match the serial number against older formats, details required for an exact match are listed in yellow.Please post any comments, particularly bugs in the user feedback section.The original thin script was replaced with a thicker font on higher-end models in the mid-’30s, and across the entire lineup by the end of the decade.From 1943 to 1947, the logo was a thick golden script, known as the banner logo.Some flattop guitars of this era started to omit the word “The” from the logo, reading simply “Gibson”.