“They’re not horrible,” she said, but still definitively “undateable.” Like the one who, she said, without explanation or warning, started flossing at the table during a first date. Golden, 43, has developed these no-fly lists in her four years as a dating app ghostwriter.

One of her clients, a single mother who lives in Manhattan, said that after her divorce she had no idea how to create a dating profile or how to talk to people on dates. She lived in Bristol, Va., and dating opportunities on the ground were rare. Golden helped her start looking in Charlotte, Raleigh and Atlanta. “He’s about 6'3, he has a very distinguished look.

(The client asked not to be identified, because she had not told the man she was dating that she had used Ms. Golden guided her for a month, explaining, for instance, that a guy who messaged at 11 p.m. After a month, she met her current partner, a man she calls the love of her life. He’s a Christian, he’s a great father, he’s a professional.

Would you want to date someone who didn’t write his or her own dating profile? For a fee of $900, New York dating coach Meredith Golden ghost writes online dating profiles.

The New York City matchmaker, a 42-year-old married mother of two, curates her clients’ profiles, even crafting messages to set up dates.

I started e-Cyrano online dating profile writing in 2003.

We were written about in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and hundreds of other publications. Online dating was going mainstream for the first time, and specialists were popping up to serve a growing population. Bush 0 tax credit and used it to have a professional resume writer take a crack at my resume (even though I was a writer).

There’s her “creep” list, which names a few dozen men who have said something racist, made a joke about pedophilia or otherwise acted inexcusably on a date.

She also has a “we don’t date them” list that includes about 20 men.

Next thing I knew, I was working for JDate in 2002 and saw the same lame profiles you see today. Online dating profiles led to online dating coaching, which led to dating coaching, which led to relationship coaching, and well, here we are.

Then I readthis New York Times feature on a woman who handles your dating apps and I felt a negative energy.

Once she has earned a client a date, she tags them in and becomes a more traditional dating coach, reviewing each encounter in detailed post-mortems, helping to guide their next moves. Some are new to dating entirely and appreciate the hand-holding.